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Dot TK is the only top level domain name registry that provides free domain names. Get your free domain name today, before it's gone I use .tk domains exclusively for everything from my personal website to free open source software projects and other experimental websites. They don't even ask for personal private information such as my residential address and telephone number which most paid domains require that I make public in their whois database, or would make me pay even more just to keep that information from prying eyes. They are also very easy to register, while still being proactive against spam, phishing and. You don't own a free.TK domain. You are only given the right to use it. In layman's terms, that means Dot TK Limited owns all free.TK domains and they reserve the right to take them down, such as if they discover your.TK domain is used for spamming or illegal content. (You own paid.TK domains, though. Freenom gewährt mehrjährige Rabatte auf alle .TK Domains. Sonder-Domains werden je nach dem Namen preislich höher veranschlagt. Zahlungen: Keine Zahlung erforderlich: Freenom akzeptiert Zahlungen mittels Kreditkarte, PayPal und Banküberweisung. Rechtsansprüche: Der Anmelder tritt als Nutzer eines Domain-Namens und nicht als Lizenznehmer auf

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  1. Gratis .tk Domain erstellen. Ich zeig euch heute wie ihr eine gratis .tk Domain für euren Minecraft Server bekommen könnt mit Minecraft Standardport 25565 od..
  2. 1 100% Free Domains Names - he Best 11 websites to geta Free Website Domain. 1.1 freenom - 100% Free .TK .ml .ga .cf .gq Domain Name. 1.2 Free .TK Domain Name. 1.3 biz.nf. 1.4 CO.NR - Free Domain Name. 1.5 Free .com .net .org .biz .info .us and .nl Domain Names. 1.6 NameCheap - Allmost free domains - 0.88$ per domain
  3. Mit der neuen Top Level Domain (nTLD) .free wird es in Zukunft im Internet eine Endung geben, die auf den ersten Blick signalisiert, dass es auf einer Seite etwas kostenfrei gibt. Ob es um Software geht, um Bastel- und Reparaturanleitungen oder Kochrezepte: Vieles, was es früher nur in Geschäften und gegen Bezahlung gab, steht heute im Internet gratis zur Verfügung

Titanic Free Hosting offers you what other free website services out there simply cannot offer. We give you the full range of tools and resources you need for creating and hosting all kinds of websites. Our service is about give you everything you need. You can host your own domain or free domain. Your site can contain frames and we do not limit upload file size. We provide banner free and any ad free hosting. Unlike other hosting provides we allow Streaming Audio/Video, Shockwave and Flash Domain-kostenlose.de, das Webmasterportal für Sparfüchse bietet alles rund um die Homepage - und das natürlich wie gewohnt wirklich umsonst. Kostenlose .de, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .tk Domains, eine große Auswahl an Subdomainanbietern und KurzURIs, Editoren für HTML, XML, PHP und CSS und natürlich Webmastertools zur Verbesserung der Position in Suchmaschinen dot.tk - hier bekommen Sie kostenlose Domains mit den Endungen .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq. Allerdings müssen Sie bestimmte Bedingungen erfüllen, damit Ihre Domain kostenlos bleibt. Eine dort registrierte Domain ist zwar gratis, aber gehört Ihnen nicht Free Domain withYearly Hosting. If you're a new Name.com customer, you have an added incentive to choose our web hosting. All first-time customers get a free domain name when you purchase a yearly web hosting plan Register a FREE Domain Name while that's not too late. * free domains with .c1.biz extension are included with both free hosting and unlimited web hosting ( Personal and Business) plans. The number of included free .c1.biz domain names depends on the chosen web hosting plan and ranges from 3 (in Free plan) and up to 50 domains free in Business.

Kasse0Domänen in den WarenkorbDomain in den Warenkorb(Maximalzahl erreicht. Maximal können 10 Domains innerhalb einer einzigen Transaktion registriert werden. Um weitere Domänen in einer einzigen Transaktion zu registrieren, verwenden Sie die Freenom API und werden Sie ein Freenom-Reseller. Kostpreis. Kostenlos Here are three completely free domain name providers: Freenom; Dot TK; GetFreeDomain.Name; Again, if you're planning to use your free domain for professional use, whether for your business website or business email, forget the free domain. It's a surefire way to look unprofessional, and some pose serious security issues

FREE .tk extension domain names are available at dot.tk Free domains for all. Dot TK is a project of the government of Tokelau in the South pacific. Dot.tk was created to offer free .tk domain names that would raise awareness about Tokelau throughout the world. The only thing is they don't offer hosting or website builders should you require one. You can however, transfer your domain. Even I was looking out for free alternatives so today I found some free alternatives (domain name registration services and URL redirection services included in the list). I will quickly list the free alternatives. I would strongly recommend not to use such free services for your business or personal blog. They may shut down service at any time Free domains available or paid registrations for legal ownership with no activity requirement: Structure: Registrations are taken directly at the second level; domains are redirected to actual website addresses within a frame, or point directly to a webserver or nameserver : Registry website: Dot.TK.tk is the Internet country code top-level domain for Tokelau, a territory of New Zealand in the. .tk domains are not supported for free hosting with Infinityfree for now. Try using .ga instead. Let me know if you successfully registered your new account. Thank

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Holen Sie sich jetzt eine Kostenlose Domain. Nutzen Sie diese einmalige Gelegenheit und Registrieren Sie Ihren Domainnamen Kostenlos. Einfach & Schnell There are five domain extensions that are available for free domains: .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq. Your domain name may not be available for all extensions. If it's not available for any of them, you will need to choose a different domain name. Alternatively, you can click Select next to one of the paid domain names. This will get you a more professional domain name. 5. Click Checkout. It's the. Dot.tk is a Tokelau (small islands in Pacific Ocean) based company that provides free 2nd level domains with.TK extension, so that free free domain site looks like www.sitename.tk and that is the shortest free domain option available on the web To get a domain free for lifetime, start by selecting the respective hosting package that offers the free domain and simply enter the domain you desire. If the domain is available, you can register it for lifetime free. If you want to transfer the existing domain, you can transfer it for lifetime free. Note: To avail the free domain, it is mandatory that the free domain name has to be registered or transferred during the hosting signup process. Later time once the account set up, in any case. freedomaini , get a free domain name free domain name registration free domain name search free domain name generator free domain name reddit free domain name hosting free domain name appraisal free domain name email free domain name for students free domain name and hosting free domain name aws free domain name and registration free domain name and website builder free domain name auction get.

#4 | Free .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq domain names. If you don't want a sub domain from a branded website, and you're not fussed about a specific domain name extension, head over to Dot TK. The same method applies, enter your desired domain name to see if it's available. Whilst a .tk domain name may not be as recognisable or as popular as .co.uk or .com it's absolutely free for 1 year. Today most of the people know that .tk domains are free for everybody. This is a website who give free domain. You can make your own website for free with .tk domain. Example of a domain is. Example.tk. Why it is free? It gives free domain because it wants to get promotion. And when you want to renew your domain then you need to pay some money. Dot TK - Find a new FREE domain Description. Dot TK is the only top level domain name registry that provides free domain names. Get your free domain name today, before it's gone. Google Analytics. UA-29857775 19 Other Domains → Server. nginx/1.17.8 DNS. View domain name system records, including but not limited to the A, CNAME, MX, and TXT records. View API → A. 132 Domains.

Free domains available or paid registrations for legal ownership with no activity requirement: Structure: Registrations are taken directly at the second level; domains are redirected to actual website addresses within a frame, or point directly to a webserver or nameserver : Registry website: Dot.TK: Overview. Tokelau allows any individual to register domain names. Users and small businesses. .tk-Domain (Tokelau) schnell und günstig registrieren - mit oder ohne Webspace. Sichern Sie sich Ihre tk-Wunschdomain preiswert bei checkdomai I see many people advertising their server IP addresses, maybe not realizing that you can get a domain for free. I believe there are other services similar to this, I've just used Dot.tk in the past and have been pleased. If anyone is curious, .tk is a country code top-level domain for Tokelau, a small territory of New Zealand. They also offer. The .tk domain name is intended for use by the general public, companies or other organizations and can be used in the same way as a .com domain name can be used. Most of the good, short, easy to remember names in .COM are already taken by someone else. In .TK you can have a domain name that fits your business, idea, family or other name more closely Click Here to Register your .tk today. Free Domain with Yearly Hosting. If you're a new Name.com customer, you have an added incentive to choose our web hosting. All first-time customers get a free domain name when you purchase a yearly web hosting plan

Welcome to the world of free domain names and free short subdomain names with no ads of any kind. Only GetFreeDomainName provides the most extensive, up-to-date list of free domains and subdomains on the Internet. Help yourself to the table below. Register a free domain name for your website now! Most advertizers on the Internet will try to rip you off by giving you a free domain only if you. Erhalten Sie Ihre kostenlose Domain (z.B. .de oder .com gratis) ohne Werbung dank unseren Webseiten / Hosting-Lösungen

Freenom is a domain registrar that provides unlimited free domains that last for one year. The only limit is that you can only get domains ending in .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, or .gq. In this post, I'll show you how to register a domain at Freenom step-by-step. Then I'll show you how to replace Freenom's default nameservers (which are pretty bad. Free domains not working DIRECTLY in our system:.TK: www.dot.tk.CC.CC: cc.cc; DNS settings will probably not work with these domains. But you can log in to your domain account and create a URL Forwarding from your domain account to your web site address in our system Dot TK - Free Domains for All. 日本語のページが表示されましたね? 欲しいドメイン名を入力. 取得するドメインを決めましょう。 3文字以下だと 有料 になってしまうので4文字以上にしましょう。 ドメイン名が決まったら「Get a Free .TK Domain Name」という文字の下のフォームに入力しましょう。 入力し. Register your FREE .ML Domain Name. Register a domain name. Point ML; Home; WHOIS; Company; About Point ML; Policies; Suppor * free domains with .c1.biz extension are included with both free hosting and unlimited web hosting (Personal and Business) plans.The number of included free .c1.biz domain names depends on the chosen web hosting plan and ranges from 3 (in Free plan) and up to 50 domains free in Business plan; ** and a free domain with .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .co.uk, and .eu extension is a special.

We have gathered some domain extensions that are free to registered. Please comment if you want to add or report any domain not offered for free. Top free domains.TK Get Free TK Domain.ML Get Free .ML Domain.GA Get Free .GA Domain.CF Get Free .CF Domain.GQ Get Free .GQ Domain; Other Free Domains Currently, they also offer a free .tk domain name, which is one of the popularly used ccTLD with over 20 million domain registered. It is one of the safest local domain extension. Since it's totally free so there is no need to worry about anything. Obviously, you can't register all domain names without paying, there are almost 5 totally free domain extensions. For other domain like .com, .org.

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Step 3: A free domain name You might not want to give your players a hard to remember address like 124.532.643.754:45623, but instead something like my-epic-server.ml. Head over to Freenom to get yourself a free domain name. You'll have to create an account and there will be a checkout process, but no worries, no payment details are asked if you go for a free domain name. After you. Domain kostenlos: Hier finden Sie alles, was Sie schon immer zu diesem Thema wissen wollten, aber vergeblich gesucht haben. Dazu gehören auch viel nützliche und kostenfrei Informationen und Features We believe that .free is a generic gTLD, and we are pleased to accept pre-registration domain name applications for this TLD. By choosing to pre-register now, we will notify you about any upcoming developments relating to the proposed use of this TLD domain name. Domain Name Registration Information. Status: Pre-registratio 1 Free domain for lifetime .us, .com, .net, .online Close 1 ad-free email account; Spam filter; Webmail; Synchronized on all devices; 24/7 expert support; See plans. Free domain names - FAQ. What are some of the other free offers or deals you've had in the past? IONOS is always running offers and other deals that add value and save you money. Not long ago, users could get a free .com domain. Free things are not always advisable but as a blog starter without money to get a Top Level Domain yet you can start with this free .tk, .ml domains. These free domains just as the name implies are free. You did not buy them which means it might be deleted at any time though they give you 12 months (1 year free trial)

.tk Domain Registration - .TK domains are the ccTLD for Tokelau, a chain of three tiny islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean. Show you dedication to this New Zealand territory with a .TK Domain Registration Free Domain at .tk. Dot.tk is a Tokelau (small islands in Pacific Ocean) based company that provides free 2nd level domains with .TK extension, so that free free domain site looks like www.sitename.tk and that is the shortest free domain option available on the web. Dot.tk enables to register free domains and either redirect them to a website (domain forwarding), or they enable to use ones own. Free domain name registration. All free domains claimed by purchasing annual Premium or Business web hosting plans will be registered in your name. No hidden fees, extra costs, or special agreements. Only a sole intention - to make you the most successful webmaster on the whole World Wide Web. Let's turn this idea into reality together Claim your free domain Namecheap is giving university students a free bundle to kickstart their online presence..me.me.io.tech.com.website. Find. Plus Bonuses from these great folks Websites for you and your projects, hosted right on GitHub. +1 year pages setup Learn more about GitHub → Get a professional logo design in minutes with Logo Maker. This free tool makes it easy to create exciting. .TK ist die länderspezifische Top-Level-Domain von Tokelau, einem von Neuseeland abhängigen Gebiet im Südpazifik. Weniger als 1500 Personen bewohnen die Atollgruppe. Aufgrund der geringen Besiedelung und Abgeschiedenheit Tokelaus sind dort sowohl Verkehrsmittel als auch öffentliche Bauten so gut wie nicht vorhanden. Erst 1994 erhielt Tokelau als weltweit letzter Staat ein Telefonnetz.

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Sometimes the best things are short and sweet - like .TK domain names. Register your .TK domain and get on one of the most popular ccTLDs in the world They are free! Get one of these domains. Free High Value! Get one of these High Value domains! Cost Price Domains cannot be found cheaper elsewhere! max. characters. 20. Countries/Locations only; Showing Results 1 / 20 Show All Show More . Checkout 0 domains in cart.) Powered by WHMCompleteSolution. Freenom World is a fast and anonymous Public DNS resolver. Change your DNS to. 80. However, free .TK domain names are subject to various restrictions: No legal ownership - the ownership of a free .TK domain name remains with the registry. Registration restrictions - registration periods for .TK domain names are restricted to 1 to 12 months; Renewal required - the renewal for the free domain is required (at no extra.

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Aside from the free (and shady) .tk domains you also might be able to get a free domain name from one of the web hosting providers. This is a much better option, since in many cases the domains they are giving away are more reputable extensions. One good example of a web host which is doing this is Hostinger. This company is a full-service web hosting company which offers almost anything you. Other Ways to Get a Free Domain Name. While Bluehost is definitely the best way to get a free domain name, it's not the only way. Below are a few free alternative ways to get a domain name. Use a Free Subdomain. Many website builders offer subdomains. A subdomain is a personal domain that exists within an existing domain name Freenom is the newest addition to the league of affordable hosting services but there's more. You can find the cheapest domain name registrar, which usually start at around $8.88 / year for a .com. You can also find a hosting package that also includes a free domain, though it's usually only going to be free for the first year

Free domain hosting. We do not host free domains like .TK, .ML, .GA, and so on. It doesn't cost much to register a domain and host it with us for free. PHP mail() and sendmail program. Scripts mailing functionality is disabled by default on free accounts. It is available as one-time billed addon or as part of paid subscription. Server configuration changes. Our servers are perfectly configured. Domains and email: Free domain transfer to Kamatera servers, otherwise everything is up to you; Other perks: Ultimate scalability and flexbility, with roughly 60 operating systems to choose from and complete cPanel or Plesk administration; Sign Up With Kamatera Now » 7. x10Hosting. Powered by the automation experts at SingleHop and the advanced hardware of cloud hosting x10Hosting has been. Freenom World is a fast and anonymous Public DNS resolver. Change your DNS to. Why Freenom World? Watch video ; Visit Freenom Worl To complete .TK domain transfer, you'll need your current registrar to provide you the domain's AuthCode or EPP-Key to verify the ownership of the domain. Transfers can take between 5 and 7 days to complete.Some registrars provide manual transfers allowing transfers to be completed on the same day, contact your current registrar to find out if they offer this service

Kostenloses & Unbegrentztes Domain Hosting. Mit 000Webhost.com ist es wirklich möglich! Wieso sollten Sie für Domain Hosting bezahlen, wenn wir es 100% kostenlos anbieten? Hosten Sie Ihre eigene Domain oder registrieren Sie eine kostenlose Subdomain Free with Every Domain Get over $100 worth of free services; Website. DIY Website Builder Create a stunning website in minutes using our intuitive builder tool Starts at just | $1.58/mo; Cloud. Cloud Hosting Next-level performance and reliability with simplified cPanel management Starts at just | $6.88/mo; Hosting . Shared Hosting. Linux Shared Hosting Fully featured Linux plans with cPanel. Get Your Free .tk Domain Name. Are Free Domains Really Free? When it comes to finding a domain name for free, there are alarm bells that start to ring. This is primarily due to the fact that we are always told there's no such thing as a free breakfast. And in my opinion, this is true. So what about domains? Well, there is the possibility for getting a free domain. However, this is at. Internet-Domains weltweit schnell und sicher reservieren. united-domains ist der Spezialist für die schnelle, internationale Registrierung von Domain-Namen WhoQ details for LOCOUJUM.tk domain . Basic Information. No owner details If you are owner of the domain Sign up for free . CLAIM YOUR NAME TODAY. Registry Whois Data Epik Whois Data . Save save. Save as PNG save. Print print. Domain name: LOCOUJUM.TK Organisation: BV Dot TK Dot TK administrator P.O. Box 11774 1001 GT Amsterdam Netherlands Phone: +31 20 5315725 Fax: +31 20 5315721 E-mail.

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This guide will show you how to have a normal domain name that will always point to your home's IP address, so you can access your pi from the outside world using a .tk domain name. Its basically like having dyndns.org type of name, but instead of paying for their services nowyou have your own .tk name for free. Your raspberry pi will be doing the update. Every 300 seconds it will check. If you download a free WYSIWYG html editor, it makes no difference where you host it or what domain you use. If you choose to host on a site that offers a built-in web designer, you are making a very large mistake unless it is a world known web ho.. I still have 2 .tk domains hosted free that promote some youtube crap from over a year ago and they are still active along with the youtube videos which happen to be against tos. Feb 8, 2010 #19 SpiderWebMaster Power Member. Joined Jan 24, 2009 Messages 628 Reaction score 530. i have one .tk domain older than 1 year now, that ranks #1 for several keywords, even outranking the domain to where. There are options for free domains available as well, such as freenom.com which allow the option for free .tk domains (as well as others too I believe). Great for a playground. PLENTY if guides on Google for installing and setting up personal web server, with SSL and more. Plus it's fun Most of the domains that are free are horrible.. If you're aiming for a free domain that you only have to register every year, then it's like dottk.com or something like that. But it allows you to have a custom domain for your website or server ip such as: play.yourservername.tk <FREE>

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Gratis Domains: 100% kostenlos! Herzlich willkommen auf www.gratisdomain.eu, dem großen Infoportal zum Thema kostenlose Domains. Hier findest Du alle Informationen rund um die Themen kostenlose Domainregistrierung, -verwaltung und -nutzung.www.gratisdomain.eu strukturiert und erläutert ausführlich alle aktuellen Optionen mit oder ohne Webhosting für kostenlose Top-Level-Domains, Second. How Get .TK Free Domain For Your Website. Search. Library. Log in. Sign up. Watch fullscreen. 6 years ago | 9 views. How To Get .TK Free Domain. Mix Videos. Follow. 6 years ago | 9 views. How Get .TK Free Domain For Your Website. Report. Browse more videos. Browse more videos. HoTRoX.tk is offering free .tk domains. If you have a blog or your own webspace and would like a shorter or more personalised domain name, you can just enter the original address below and then choose your own .tk address and voila! it's just that easy, and literally takes seconds to complete! Just click the video below to register your new free domain name right now! If you would like to. Register your .GQ Domain Name.gq. Register a domain nam

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How can I get a free .tk domain? tk domains. This is where Tokelau is located at (view on Google Map). You can register a free . tk, . ml, . ga, or . cf domain for free at Freenom. Users get a free subdomain when they signup for Wix Free Plan. Are Google domains free Tokelau gives most domain names under .tk away to anyone for free. Free domains are pointed to Tokelau nameservers, which redirect HTTP traffic via HTML frames to a specified web page, and redirects 5 email addresses to external addresses. Because of this use of redirection, use of free .tk domains for other services (such as hosting servers for other protocols such as FTP and IRC, or creating. It's great to start blogging with .TK Free Custom Domain. Or to Create an Extra Blog, instead of BlogSpot, one of your custom domain .TK can do a Domain Setup with Blogger. And this is a very easy and good way. First of all, before starting the Domain Setup, let me tell you one thing. This domain is 1st Year Free. But after this 1st Year Term, you have to give this Domain Name Charge. By. Hosting plans and features. Our service is about give you everything you need. You can host your own domain, your site can contain frames, you can put ads on your site, you can have as many web pages as you need, and we do not limit number of visitors.We provide ads-free hosting and will never put anything on your website: no links, no banners, no visitor tracking code Free Hosting provider do provide Free Domain Name, but the problem with their domain name is the URL of the Domain Name, they give long URL address and it is really very difficult to remember.Free Hosting with Domain Name are always on bad URL. But we can overcome this problem by using free domain service separately for our free hosting

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Quickly find the best offers for Tk com free domain on bdnews24 classifieds. We collected up to 35 ads from hundreds of classified sites for you Register your FREE .GA Domain Name. Register a domain name. My GA; Home; WHOIS; Company; About My GA; Policies; Become a reselle

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Step 1: Create Custom Domain Email Address For Free. Here the first step will be to create a custom domain E-mail address for free. For this, be will be using the E-mail hosting feature. Most of the Web hosting companies provide it for free. 1. Login to your Hosting CPanel. 2. Head over to Email Section and click on Email Accounts. 3. Now click on Add Email Account. Fill up the required. Free skinuplinpotelsump.tk email domain validation to check mail server and email policy. Sign up free trial license for 100 queries

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I don't trust them and I do not encourage people using free domain like CF, ML, TK, GA, etc. I have registered a free ML domain for some presonal testings (no warez, no spam, no copyrighted, you get the point) and after a few weeks my domain vanished. I can't see it in the my freenom panel, their support did not provide me an explanation to. Get free xyz domain name! We - and our partners - use cookies to deliver our services and to show you ads based on your interests. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy More Break .FREE.FREE has both businesses and bargain-hunters chomping at the bit. For Everyone From Freeloaders to Freedom Fighters with .FREE Domain Names. In marketing, you can never underestimate the power of free. It's somehow far more intense than any other sort of bargain. There's something almost magical about it. An ice cream parlor. Freenom has an open WHOIS service for everyone. Please note that all FREE domains are not licensed to the user - but are owned by the Dot TK Registry. This way abusive domain names can be taken down immediately

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You can have a free domain name registration with some of our hosting packages. Join Us! Get Your free .COM Domain Registration Here **Hosting Plans With Free Domains for Life: We've proved to 2.5 million people that AwardSpace is a reliable free hosting provider. Now, as a bonus, you get a free .COM domain registration with our shared and semi-dedicated hosting plans. You are not limited. Free with every domain. Get secure SSL certificates from basic up to the magical green bar. GET YOUR FREE SSL. Classic DNS. Free with every domain. A performance boost for your website before any traffic reaches it. GET YOUR FREE DNS. Email. Free with every domain. Start using your memorable and personalised email address. GET YOUR FREE EMAIL.TF DOMAIN NAME. REGISTER FOR €18.19 / year SEARCH. Your domain: ANTICENSORITY.TK. We found that the free domain name and/or the website address you used with your free domain name was not accessible or did not follow the guidelines set in our terms and conditions. It may well be that you are still working on the content of your website and/or using your domain for other means. We kindly request to start using your new domain soon according to. Free & Unlimited Domain Hosting. With 000Webhost.com it's really possible! Why pay for domain hosting if you get it here 100% free! Host your own domain or choose any other subdomain just for free. Our free web hosting supports all possible domain names, like YourName.com or any other. Do not have your own domain registered yet? No troubles. Die .tk Domain ist seit November 1997 dem von Neuseeland abhängigem Gebiet Tokelau zugewiesen. Insgesamt besteht das Gebiet aus nur drei Atollen, die zusammen eine Fläche von etwa 12 Quadratkilometern ausmachen. In dem gesamten Gebiet leben etwa 1.500 Einwohner und dennoch verfügt die Region über eine eigene Top-Level-Domain, die Sie bei easyname zu günstigen und fairen Konditionen kaufen. Get a free domain with the PersonalPro and Business hosting packages offered by 100WebSpace. This domain name will remain free for as long as you keep your account with us active

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